Epic of Eden Bible Study

Sunday Afternoons


“We are excited to have such a good start to our study, “Epic of Eden.” I encourage anyone who would like to join us to come on in. We can print materials for you in a day or so. The study is such that you can join us anytime within the first few weeks and catch up.”

Epic of Eden is a video Bible study written by Dr. Sandra Richter, and led by Pastor Ralph.

In this study you’ll:
– Gain a rich understanding of the context in which the Old Testament was written
– “Organize your closet,” making sense of all the Old Testament parts, pieces, and stories you’ve accumulated over time
– Discover the present-day implications of Scripture’s big story. Just because it happened in the past doesn’t mean it stays there!

Materials for the Epic of Eden Bible study will be $10.00. Call or email the church office and we will get the materials ready for you.

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