Christmas Service Schedule

We’d love for you to join us this Advent Season

In the season of Advent, we prepare to welcome Jesus, the Messiah in God With Us. This year, as we await our Lord, we will put ourselves in the place of the first people who awaited and celebrated Jesus’ birth. Through their stories, we will learn what it meant for God to be with them, and we will open our eyes to experience God with us, too.

November 28 Week one of Advent

There are moments when circumstances in life or deferred hopes and dreams may feel like a heavy burden with no relief in sight, from smaller expectations to deeper concerns, such as job security, financial responsibility and fragile relationships. While all of us face the mystery of what tomorrow may bring, the assurance we have is that when we pray, God is with us.

December 5 Week two of Advent

The Christmas story of Jesus’ birth begins with a dilemma. Mary’s pregnancy creates a real issue for Joseph. He is not the father; this situation not only creates personal pain; it also could cause a public scandal. Joseph chooses not to disgrace Mary, but instead he will divorce her, the best that could be hoped for in this situation. However, the Spirit of God moves Joseph from doing good out of a sense of obligation to the revelation of God’s extraordinary plan. When God calls us to move beyond our duty, God is with us.

December 12 Week three of Advent

God calls us into unknown places that we wouldn’t foresee for ourselves. And even in the midst of uncertainty, God is with us.

December 19 Week four of Advent

Christmas shows us that God takes ordinary lives and does extraordinary things with them. The shepherds who were often dismissed play a prominent role in proclaiming the message of Emmanuel, God is with us.

December 21 Out of the Darkness: An Alternative Christmas Experience

“This time of the year can be tough for some. You are not alone. Join us for a different kind of gathering — one where there’s space for contemplation, grief, pain, comfort and hope. We want to create space for those of us who find the holiday season difficult, for those of us who don’t want to force the Christmas cheer. We want to walk with you as you make your way through the dark night of the soul.”

December 24 Christmas Eve Service

There is a big difference between God for us and God with us. The birth story is a perfect example of that. A bunch of shepherds and a couple poor kids gather at a barn in some backwater Roman province. Yes, God was with us there and any other “last place on earth” you might find yourself. God is with us here, too.

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