A Return to Sanctuary Worship.

So, what is happening with church?
The COVID-19 Taskforce met and came up with a plan and a target date for returning to worship in our beloved sanctuary. Our goal is to create a worship opportunity in our sanctuary while keeping our family and guests safe. Our return will be in three small steps. Small steps allow us to be vigilant and to adapt to any changes we may have to make. The timeline also gives opportunity to recruit volunteers for worship and Sunday school.
Step One – October 18
-Our return to worship in the sanctuary will be October 18 at 11am. You may enter at the parking lot level in the elevator lobby, or you may enter at the College Avenue entrance to the church. Health questions and temperature checks will continue.
-We will have a nursery for children ages 4 and under. Reservations are required to ensure proper staffing and volunteers. Contact the church office or visit the Children’s Ministry Page on the church website at http://www.fumcjacksonal.org.
-We will have a children’s moment in the sanctuary during worship service. Children’s church will not take place right now.
-We will continue to offer Sunday school online for children and adults with YouTube/Facebook through November 1.
Step Two – November 8
-All adult Sunday schools will meet as one class with revolving teachers in the CLC starting November 8 through December.
-Children’s Sunday school will resume.
Step Three – January 2021
-Sunshine Club will undergo a reboot and return in January.
-Other ministries and organizations will begin using our facilities as conditions allow with social distancing, masks, hand sanitizing, and other recommended protocols from our COVID-19 Taskforce in coordination with ADPH and local authorities.

The Taskforce needs your help to make all this happen. Please wear your mask when you enter the building. Please maintain the social distancing of 6 feet when around others. You will be required to answer health questions and have your temperature checked each time you enter to worship. Be mindful of others’ personal space and give them room. Our sanctuary does not have as much open space as the CLC, so we need to give each other room to move around when we are entering and exiting the sanctuary space.

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